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JOB VACANCY  - Bridleways Research & Development Officer

Essex Bridleways Association, wishes to appoint a full or part time person to undertake work that will culminate in an increase in the amount of off-road riding available to horse riders in Essex.

This position would ideally suit someone who has worked within a Highway Authority Definitive Map Team or Legal Services Dept and has experience of Rights of Way law. The work will entail close liaison with members of the Association, the local authority and Record Offices in Essex. A high degree of self-organisation, motivation and good negotiating skills are required.There are no set parameters for the terms of engagement and we would be happy to discuss timescales and rates of pay with the successful applicant. It is intended that the work will be carried out on a self employed basis or under contract and these arrangements will be part of the discussions that ensue with the interested applicants.

Applications please by 31/8/2013 to or by post to : The Chairman

PO Box 12014, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 9UD

 For more information about the role click on "further details" below and open the attached document

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Longwood Equestrian Centre

Longwood Equestrian - please see message below from one of our members:
I am a livery at Longwood Equestrian Centre in Basildon and next to Longwood there are a vast network of bridleways and a nature reserve which i am sure you are aware, as this features as one of your recommended bridleways in your website.

It has recently been brought to our attention that the Council wish to knock down Longwood Equestrian centre and build 850 homes in its place and a school next year. This is such a shame as longwood is a competetion yard, an approved riding school and a livery centre.If these plans go ahead then it will ultimately make 60 horses homeless and as there are not enough vacant stable spaces in the surrounding areas. We are of course putting up a fight to keep Longwood.

However, we are seeking your help with this, we feel that by closing longwood it will ultimately effect the amount of horses which are using the bridleways, as i have been told that these bridlepaths were predominantly installed using tax payers money, to cater for Longwood's equine capicity. If this work goes ahead as early as next year the council wish to make the country lane known as Dry street which cuts through the main bridleways, into a dual carriageway; this will be dangerous for only local riders but riders whom visit to enjoy the countryside. The roa

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Horse for Sale

Please see attached document for full details

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RABI Charity Horse Ride

A lovely ride on mostly grassy tracks approximately 12 miles.  To raise money for RABI; supporting farming families.  Please see attachments for further information and entry form.

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A new Ride & Share host

A new ‘Ride and Share’ host has been added to the list on the Ride and Share page.  Sara is offering to take you out on a beautiful hack around the Roman River valley in Colchester. Not to be missed!

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EBA are looking for new Chair Person to take over as from December 2012. 

The role of Chair is really being the central point of the Association and a good level of commitment is required.
Good people skills and a fair knowledge of PROWs is very helpful.
Keeping the Association moving forward and in the right direction is part of the role.
Availability  and ability to chair the meetings is very important.
Attending variuos meetings  such as Public Rights of Way at Essex County council,United Riders Local Access forum  and various consultation meetings and sometimes site visits are all part of the role aswell.

If you are interested and would like to chat further about what is required, our current chairperson, Julie Pryer, is happy to talk to you.  Please call her on 01375 385469 

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Your help is needed!!

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June 2012 area reports

EBA Area Reps Reports, June 2012


Sarah Hodgson, Uttlesford

Just a short note to say that in Uttlesford I attended the North Essex Bridlepath Society AGM on 11th May to do some further linking up. They invited me onto their committee, which I agreed to. Hopefully we can liaise about claiming bridleways in the North of Uttlesford as they have been successful with some significant claims recently. Will keep you updated.


Pat Cooper, Tendring

The Environmental Agency will be consulting other relevant departments regarding our proposal to create a bridleway on their land which would form part of The Tendring Way. If they do not have any objections, they will arrange an inspection and send Heads of Terms for a Licence Agreement.


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ADR Ride

Anglian Distance Riders are running a ride on 09 September 2012 from Kelvedon.  They are offering a reduced entry fee for EBA members.  Please download entry form for further information.

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Some of you may already have noticed we have someone new taking the photographs on our rides.  For further information please read the attached article.

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EBA are looking for an Historic Researcher for definitive map work in Essex

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Documents and maps

These are some documents and maps referred to in other bits of this website

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Great Wakering FP from Exhibition Lane to FP8

The CC is investigating the above and would be grateful for any information regarding use of the route.

Please contact Lesley Williams, Principal Legal Assistant ECC quote Case 614

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2011 AGM

Reports for EBA 2011 AGM

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Brocks Farm Livery

Brocks Farm, home of the Danbury ride. DIY livery, all year turnout, fantastic hacking, but sorry no menage! Please call Anna on 01245 223697

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